Dear photographer,

Thank you for taking your time to get to know me better. Here are a few points on why I would make a great assistant.


1) Tons of experience. 

I’ve actively pursued any opportunity to further my knowledge in the industry since my first photography job shooting events in 2009.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to shoot and assist in a variety of photographic disciplines, including classic studio portraiture, campaign production for indie brands, documentary, real estate and fine arts.

If you'd like to see the quality of my work, please have a look at my portfolio.

2) Intuition.

Years of dedication and first hand experience enable me to anticipate your needs and constantly find ways in which to help you during a shoot or around the studio. I can easily adapt to your workflow and take care of the bits and bobs while you focus on creating images.


3) Professional gear.

I own a Canon 5DS with essential L Series Lenses and a portable lighting system of strobes, stands, modifiers and gels. For my personal projects however I prefer to shoot my Leica M3 with black and white film.


4) Technical Skills. 

I’m comfortable shooting up to tethered medium format cameras and posses an advanced level of lighting skills. I’ve been using Adobe Suite for many years but can adapt to a CaptureOne based workflow with ease. 


5) People skills & Attitude.

I possess an extensive background in customer service and management, which makes me both organised and communicative. I'm an easy going person and I remain focused in busy situations. I work hard, won’t stop until the job is done, have a strong work ethic and possess high presentational standards.


6) I'm great with social content.

Social media is important, but can demand a lot of time and attention. 

By creating fresh, high quality content, like behind the scenes videos or SEO friendly blog entries that funnel into mailing lists, I can help you boost your social presence, all while you focus on your work.

You can see my Instagram account, HERE.

Add me to your contacts.

Consider me next time you're looking for a dependable, professional assistant or second shooter.

I’m available at any time and work all over London. I'd be more than happy to meet with you to discuss ways in which I can help make your workflow easier and more effective.

07745 970964

I’ll be looking forward to hearing form you.

Best regards,

Joe Fischer