Selfie with barber Mike. Peckham, 2018.

Selfie with barber Mike. Peckham, 2018.



Photographer living in East Dulwich.

I took on my first photography job in 2009 shooting events for a weekly magazine in Guatemala city to support my architecture studies. Photography has led me down many interesting paths for which I am eternally grateful for.

I’m currently curating my first exhibition, Familiar Strangers.



+44(0)774 597 0964



Familiar Strangers is a photographic series based around serendipitous encounters and discovery of individuals coexisting in in the most diverse of all cities.

Familiar Strangers is honest, gritty, raw, and bittersweet. Shot on grainy 35mm film, it captures the lives of the lonely, overworked, brave, and always resilient souls of London.

As a series, Familiar Strangers intends to reflect how London feels to its inhabitants.

Shot on a Leica M3 (a respectful nod to the legendary photojournalists of the mid 20th century) and hand-printed on high quality fibre paper as a limited edition series.


Pop up exhibition: London, Summer 2018 - For invites please sign up here.